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With more than six million patients affected, diabetes mellitus is one of the largest widespread diseases in Germany. A consequence of this disease is diabetic foot syndrome. It affects about a quarter of people with diabetes in the course of their lives, and cannot be cured. Due to the damage caused by diabetes to the nerves and blood vessels, those affected do not notice any pain to their feet. Pressure sores and open wounds often go unnoticed and do not heal. According to the German Diabetes Aid, this leads to 40,000 amputations among diabetics per year. 80 to 90 percent of these amputations could be prevented by consistent prevention. Foot problems are also the most common reason for a hospitalization of diabetics.

iFoot as a link between diagnostics and therapy

The iFoot project focuses on an optimized approach to DFS medical and nursing care that takes into account the individual needs of all the players involved and enables patients to play an active role in the healing process. By means of sensor technology integrated into the bandage, parameters as pressure or temperature of the foot are to be determined and made available to the participants via mobile application. Patients are thus actively involved in the treatment process. A cloud-based software solution based on eHealth standards also enables DFS to be monitored by the attending physician and information to be exchanged between all participants. Ideally, this should accelerate the healing process and use resources efficiently and economically.

The iFoot project is funded by the initiative "Leitmarktwettbewerb Gesundheit.NRW". The project will run for 36 months (01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021).


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